Hidden Finder rose from the ashes of the former ”The Hidden Finders” (2007-2010). The band was at that time made up of Olle Keylonta (ex, ”Skald”) and Nikko Zios. Early in 2010, Tommi Sykes (ex, Sold Out Sweetheart, T.A.R, Vulture King, Salvation Star Brigade) joined the band on the drums. This meant that the search for a lead guitarist could start for real. After testing a couple of guitarists, the band decided to pick Marcus Wallberg for the lead. After spending half of 2010 in the rehearsal studio, Hidden Finder was ready to record an EP. The studio was ”Dödens lustgård” in Söderhamn, Sweden with Björn Stålhammar at the controls. The EP ”The Big Picture” came out in 11.11.11 followed up whit gigs in the local area.

In 2013 Nikko Zios and Marcus Wallberg decided to leave the band. Later that year Micke Johansson joined the forces and Hidden Finder started the remaking of the line-up and preparing for the next recording. This time a long play album. The period of making new songs and finding new members took time. In 2014 the current line-up, now whit Bibo Zidan on lead guitar and Mishka “Warcry” Bobrov on keyboards, started to record the new songs. In Mars/April 2015 Hidden Finder released two new songs and the full album is planned to be released Aug-Sept 2015.